At Carano Prints we often get asked if we supply marketing material. The short answer is no, but , of course,that doesn’t meant we don’t believe in it. In fact, we asked one of our suppliers Ripples prints on their take – and , a bit surprisingly, we found that posters and flyers are not the most popular method to market your business. Guess what? In their opinion, one of the most effective promotional gifts was, in fact, the promotional pen. Lets examine why…

If you (or your business) have decided to dive into promotional advertising then it pays to spend your cash wisely – after all its easy to run up a huge budget – and even when it comes to relatively cheap items like promotional goods, you need to do some groundwork to get the best ‘bang for you buck’. Here are just some of the things you need to consider when ordering promtional pens, for example.


Placements relate to your company colors, corporate logo, and, of course, your line of business. If your company is big enough (that is well-established and has built up a solid reputation through the years) then you really need to pay particular care to your branding, but even small companies benefit from a solid brand.

When it comes to pens, you have to consider the placement of the logo, the size, and what the printing area restrictions are. These will all be indicated to you when you place your order or make your selection. If in doubt always check with your supplier before you order.

Don’t underestimate the power of choosing a particular font. The font you use should be used on all of your printed company materials (print ads, posters, billboards, flyers, etc.) and needs to have uniformity (i.e. they should look the same) in whatever scale or size they are shown.

Already have a logo? What about your product? Logos are very important additions to the overall layout. Seeing it prominently displayed will tell your clients about your company or your product and, a logo adds a touch of class to the printed pen.

Essential additions

These are the basic items that your printed pen should have: address, phone number and your web address, if possible. The inclusion of such items is necessary to make it easy for people to get in touch with you. Sounds obvious but you would be amazed at how many businesses produce lovely marketing items and leave out this vital piece of information! Remember, a promotional pen is like a business card only that it has the chance of being seen, and used, much more often.

If you distribute your pens in workplaces and there are office staff around, you will actually be disseminating the information about your business to virtually to everyone in the company. The subsequent visits to your website alone after seeing your web address is worth more than you can estimate.


If your promotional pen is eye-catching enough then it can be a great way to win extra enquiries for your business. It needs to be pleasing enough to the eye without being garish and feature a cool enough overall design without looking too abstract. You should strive to appeal to both sexes and levels of employee. In short, its best left to a competent designer to come up with the design!


Promotional pens can generate tremendous goodwill from prospective clients and even help to establish good relationships right after, say,  a presentation by capping off the day with a useful gift.  In short, just follow simple rules for good PR and people, things, and events will go your way.

Memorable promotional pens

Promotional pens are the forefront of establishing your brand with your clients. With that in mind, the pen’s look should be memorable,  classy, and draw the eye. This will generate interest in your company and its products and, remember that a company that nobody remembers has very slim chances of making it in any sphere of business.

Matching pens and clients

Whatever your product or service offering is, there is a need to match the image and style of the promotional pen with your present or intended clients. Think about what they do. For example, bankers may want their pens to be sleek, stylish and reliable whereas fashion-conscious clothes or graphic designers want to have in their pens colorful, avant-garde and chic. You know the drill.

Promotional pens are an inexpensive way t market your brand but this is no excuse for cheap or sloppy design.  Get it right and they are a great way of generating new business.

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