When it comes to transporting valuable heirlooms, paintings or antiques, most of us will, quite sensibly seek the advice of an experienced antiques removal company. After all, these items, as well as being intrinsically valuable often hold a lot of sentimental value and, of course most of the time they will simply be irreplaceable. So, what kind of precautions should you take when packing your valuable antiques for transportation? Let’s take a look.

Make sure you have high-quality packing materials. Thin cardboard boxes and bubble wrap aren’t suitable for transporting heavy or valuable items; you need to make sure that your antiques transportation company has access to anti scratch blankets and impact padding. If you are moving large antiques such as paintings or pianos, then these kinds of packing materials are essential to prevent damage.

Make sure that the removals company’s vehicles are well maintained, clean and are fitted with appropriate straps and harnesses. This is actually more important than you think. Apart from the obviously problems associated with unreliable and worn out removal vans, vehicles which are poorly maintained tend to rock more going round corners, and if they have poor or worn suspension then your valuable antiques run the risk of being broken or scratched simply as the result of driving along the road. I don’t recommend that you get down on your hands and knees to inspect under the vehicle but a quick glance at the overall roadworthiness should be enough to convince you that a vehicle is suitable for carrying your antiques. As I also mentioned, make sure that the vehicles are fitted with sufficient straps and harnesses to ensure that your items can be secured properly in transit. Large items should be securely tied down and, of course, a closed vehicle such as a box van or a Luton van is much better then open flatbed trailer type vehicles which can leave your items exposed to the elements.

Be sure to ask your removal company if their staff are specially trained in the techniques required for moving antiques. It’s not just an element of care that they need to exhibit, they should also be knowledgeable in how to take down, transport and safely re-install valuable items between destinations.

If your antiques are going into storage then make sure that you give the premises a thorough check. Are they wind and watertight – you would be amazed how many aren’t – are they covered by appropriate insurance and, of course are they fire proof and secure? It only takes a second of carelessness to reduce valuable antiques to worthless piles of dust so don’t underestimate the importance of checking out the storage premises.

Finally, make sure that your antique removal company has suitable levels of insurance and if they don’t, make sure that you arrange your own cover. With the best will in the world, even the best antique removal firms suffer problems and items do get broken or damaged so, at the very least, make sure that you have appropriate cover. Luckily, there are several specialist insurance companies who can help provide cover such as this at competitive rates.

Arranging antique removals can be a tricky business but if you plan ahead, take care selecting the right removals company and make sure that you have appropriate insurance cover in place, then even the most complicated move will usually go off without a hitch.

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